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Personal injury law is in place to protect you in the event of an injury, accident, defective product or defamation. If you have suffered an injury – negligent or intentional – a personal injury lawsuit can help you recoup damages from the accident in the courtroom. Do you need help with a personal injury lawsuit?

Heller, Trakhtman and Associates is a personal injury attorney in Deerfield and Lake County, IL that is here to help. Our team of lawyers has more than 75 years of experience in the courtroom with many different types of cases that include personal injury suits. Contact us today for help with your personal injury case in the Chicago area!

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What Is Personal Injury Law?

Many different accidents and incidents fall under the umbrella of a personal injury lawsuit and we are ready to help with any and all cases at Heller, Trakhtman and Associates. Personal injury lawsuits fit into four basic categories:

Accidents – When negligent action or simple carelessness lead to the injury of another, it can be filed as a personal injury lawsuit and can include car accidents, slips and falls, medical malpractice and much more.

Intentional Acts – Personal injury law covers intentional conduct that leads to the injury or harm of another individual. An example of an intentional act that is covered by personal injury law is assault and battery.

Defective Products – Defective, broken and faulty products are another aspect of personal injury law that are covered when a defective product causes injury to an individual. Product liability involves a lawsuit against a manufacturer or seller.

Defamation – Has someone made an untrue statement about you that has caused harm? Defamation is another type of case that is covered under the umbrella of personal injury law.

A personal injury lawsuit must be filed within two years of the injury, accident or incident in the State of Illinois. In some cases, a suit can be filed within two years of the date that you discovered or became aware of the injury – which is considered the discovery date. If the personal injury case is against a city or county in Illinois, the statute of limitations is one year. The statute of limitations in cases against the State of Illinois is two years – but a formal claim must be filed within one year.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help in the Chicago Area?

Legal jargon and the legal ins and outs of a personal injury lawsuit can get complicated. Do you need help to file your personal injury case? Heller, Trakhtman and Associates can help you file your case and get the compensation you deserve.

Contact our team today to enlist the services of a personal injury attorney in Deerfield and Lake County, IL that can help you with your personal injury lawsuit!